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MAIAORGANIC embodied the concept of growth

MAIAORGANIC is a trademark created to promote Quality, Sustainability and Transparency and to enhance the value of Organic Agriculture in Italy.



MAIAORGANIC's products come from qualified and selected organic farmers only.
By working in close cooperation with more than forty farming families, equalling about 15’000 acres of organic farming land, we produce Cereal Grains, Seeds and Legumes in compliance with organic regulation and sustainable agricultural practices.
Our mission is to promote biodiversity through the preservation of ancient native seeds and to support the natural ecosystem.
We are able to guarantee the highest quality standards since each step of the supply chain is under our careful and strict control: selection of seed's variety, cultivation, processing and packaging.



At MAIAORGANIC we strongly believe in organic farming practices: respecting nature and the ecosystem, adopting environmental-friendly farming techniques, renouncing chemical products that pollute the planet and reduce biodiversity, rejecting genetically modified organisms. Therefore, in order to guarantee healthy food and total respect to nature, we commit to only offer products that are grown with organic farming methods.
After years of research and development, we are proud to present a retail line in a 100% biodegradable package: our eco-friendly packaging material derives from renewable sources and is made of biopolymers obtained from plants only. This kind of innovative packaging have an extremely low impact on the environment compared to traditional ones.
Moreover, we rely on natural source of energy and our processing facilities have a photovoltaic plant that produces more than 50% of the energy required to run it.



In addition to the guarantee of organic certification, we print on each package the location where the product is grown and a QR code that links directly to our website, in order to provide clear and full traceability of the supply chain.
Furthermore, on "FARMS" section, we share a detailed description, photographs and maps of the farms that cultivate for MAIAORGANIC.
You can follow the progress of the crops and find out what is happening directly on our blog and FB.


Our certifications
"we care about the environment"
Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed

At the time when both industry and individuals are being asked to consider their impact on the earth and their “carbon footprint”, MAIAORGANIC is committed to improve actions and behaviors to face the environmental challenge.
This is the reason why we chose to promote a sustainable approach to packaging by adopting a 100% biodegradable package for our retail product line.



what does biodegradable mean?

The term “biodegradable” refers to a material that breaks down naturally into organic components as a result of exposure to moisture, heat and naturally occurring micro-organism.





Our packaging consists of a heat sealed printed laminate composed of two layers, the inner one is made of a bio-polymer based on starch composites; the outer layer is a coated cellulose-based flexible film produced from wooden pulp, sourced from environmentally responsible managed plantations. The laminate is biodegradable according to EN13432 and offers a very high flavour, oxygen and moisture barrier which makes it comparable to the plastic film performance.


In which trash bin must I dispose my empty package?

The package must be disposed in the undifferentiated trash bin. Thanks to its properties the package will disintegrate in a few weeks.


“Foodservice and Retail product lines”

MAIAORGANIC products are available in different formats, in order to meet every need:


retail line includes all our Cereal Grains and Legumes in a 100% biodegradable package that contains 500g of organic product;
moreover, a selection of Legumes - chickpea and beans – are also available in 300g glass jar of naturally water-cooked organic product with no added colors or preservatives;


foodservice line and has been specifically designed for restaurants, catering, grocery with dispensers and large consumers; it includes all our Cereal Grains and Legumes in 1kg and 5kg traditional package.

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Via S. Pertini, 103
06049 Spoleto (PG)

Our contacts are:

E: info@maiaorganic.com

F: +39 (0) 743 201378